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Myanmar Computer Industry Association (MCIA) was established with a vision to help develop ICT businesses in Myanmar.

Myanmar Computer Industry Association (MCIA), Myanmar Computer Professionals Association (MCPA), and Myanmar Computer Enthusiast Association (MCEA), were formed on May 17, 1998 by Myanmar Computer Science Development Law (10/96) of the then government State Law and Order Restoration Council. Soon Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) was also formed in 1998.


To arrange training workshops and seminars, for human resource development, which is a key factor to ICT development?

To organize ICT products, software, and solution exhibitions occasionally, assisting member companies to promote their products and services.

To benchmark outstanding innovations, expertise, and development of younger generation, and grant more awards, recognizing their achievements.

To cooperate and work together more with international ICT-related organizations, for ICT and e-Yangon development in Yangon.


To organize ICT-related business owners within the Yangon Region.

To strive toward goals, defined by the Myanmar computer Science Development Law.

To perform domestic, regional, and international activities, lead by MCIA for the development of ICT businesses in Yangon Region.


  • Member Affairs Committee
  • Business Relation and Development Committee
  • ICT Awareness and Utilization Committee
  • ICT Promotion Committee
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